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We produce durable and high-quality joints at low cost and use a variety of different bonding techniques to permanently bond even complex components: Liquid adhesives, adhesive tapes and also adhesive die-cuts, which we apply manually or robot-assisted. In addition, we offer any kind of pre-treatment, e.g. plasma, primer, flame treatment or pyrosil, as well as various rapid curing processes.
We develop individual solutions for suitable adhesives and application techniques according to your requirements.

Bonding metal plastics

Our bonding technologies

  • 1K adhesives with manual and robot application
  • 2K adhesives in robot systems with high-end dosing technology
  • Adhesive tapes with manual or robot-aided application
  • Die-cutting adhesive carrier with special equipment for perfect positioning and pressing
  • Adhesive surface pretreatment by adhesive primer, flame treatment, plasma or pyrosil
  • Quick curing by heat, infrared or UV radiation
bonding technology metal sheet