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Our high-performance machinery and the many years of experience of our employees enable us to implement almost any geometry in the field of industrial metal processing.
We have modern and effective machines and systems at our disposal for a wide variety of applications and for all industries. The production of various mechanical components is characterised by dimensional accuracy and durability as well as a high level of operating comfort.
Our products can be used in the visible area and as functional components.

Your benefits:

  • Any conceivable geometry possible
  • Mechanical design mouldings for the highest aesthetic demands
  • Variety of mechanical pretreatment methods
  • Reprocessing options for bent, stamped and milled parts, e.g. with powder coating, assembly
  • Fitting adhesive joints
  • Own toolmaking
  • Production in small and large series


Sheet metal processing and production Slovakia

Machining and non-cutting processing

  • CNC sheet metal processing
    (CNC turning and CNC milling with following surface coating, e.g. powder coating
    (cutting, forming, punching, nibbling)
  • Presses of up to 300 tons (eccentric, servo)
  • Bending (bending robots, fully automatic bending cells

Combining processing

  • Welding (TIG-welding, spot welding)
  • Miscellaneous joining techniques (riveting, clinching, bonding, tumbling, screwing)


  • Surface finishing (Powder coating via a partner-side shop-in-shop solution)