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With a strong spirit of research, we continuously realize new ideas, develop (OEM) devices and products as well as assemblies and individual components according to orders or customer-specific specifications. Our project management team accompanies you from the very first minute through to series production and delivery as required. In doing so, we rely on long-term cooperation with our customers, convince them with high technical support and comprehensive service whenever they need it.

Each project is supervised and accompanied by a project manager from the enquiry to series production, who provides you with a regular status report on the development and production process – always under the aspects of cost-benefit ratio and profitability for the customer.
Our steps in project planning are divided into:

Idea generation in the development of metal components


  • Own developments
    • Idea generation for new appliances and products through innovation workshops
    • Trend analyses, market studies and end-user experience
  • Developments according to customer specifications
  • Order developments
Fabrication Sheet Metal Components

Research and Concept Development

  • Requirement management in coordination with customer
  • Technology, patent and market research
  • Access to a wide range of technologies within the group of companies
  • Cooperation with external engineering companies and service providers for flexible capacity expansion
Prototyping Slovakia

Design and Prototyping

  • Production-oriented finishing
  • Continuous design coordination with the customer
  • Testing and measuring laboratory for electrical, thermal and mechanical devices
  • Application technology and usability tests
Sheet metal working and sheet metal working

Implementation in industrial production

  • Device approval
  • Development of documents & customized packaging systems
  • Testing laboratories
  • Cultivated supplier network and specialization in supply chain management
  • After-Sales-Services