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We develop and produce as an OEM appliance manufacturer for numerous well-known companies products in the field of white goods and industrial cooking in series. We are firmly represented on the European market and in the USA with our complete value chain.
In the field of new appliance developments and device concepts, we work closely with our network partner GRONBACHAUSTRIA.

Together with you, we determine the technical specifications, support the development, analyse the feasibility and create a first prototype ready for series production. Along the entire value chain, we take care of order processing, series production, certifications and approvals as well as logistics management.

A number of product developments that have established on the market:

Engineering OEM devices vacuum drawer in OEM device construction

Vacuum drawer

Our vacuum drawer enables the gentle preparation and natural preservation of food. It was developed by our OEM device manufacturer and network partner GRONBACHAUSTRIA and is now in series production at our MICHATEK site.

The biggest advantage of the drawer over other vacuum devices is its compact design and pressure control. In contrast to most free-standing devices, our vacuum drawer not only vacuums the bag itself, but the entire chamber – so no pressure difference acts on the food during vacuuming. In this way it is also possible to vacuum food with a high liquid content or even completely liquid food (soups, sauces etc.).

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Engineering OEM devices vacuum drawer in OEM device construction

Production of warming drawers Slovakia

Warming drawer

At MICHATEK we produce the warming drawers in series and continuously develop them further. We are currently designing the third generation warming drawer. Warming drawers are perfect for preheating dishes or keeping food warm. Optically it fits very well into the kitchen front next to other household appliances such as fully automatic coffee machines, steam cookers or ovens due to its precisely fitting installation and noble workmanship.

The front can be individually designed according to the design wishes of our OEM customers. The three basic models, Basis, Premium and ELA, offer the freedom to present the respective brand philosophy.

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